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* *63C Am.Jur.2d, Public Officers and Employees, §247* “As expressed otherwise, the powers delegated to a public officer are held in trust for the people and are to be exercised on behalf of the government or of all citizens who may need the intervention of the officer.

• [1] Furthermore, the view has been expressed that all public officers, within whatever branch and whatever level of government, and whatever be their private vocations, are trustees of the people, and accordingly labor under every disability and prohibition imposed by law upon trustees relative to the making of personal financial gain from a discharge of their trusts.

• [2] That is, a public officer occupies a fiduciary relationship to the political entity on whose behalf he or she serves.

• [3] and owes a fiduciary duty to the public.

• [4] It has been said that the fiduciary responsibilities of a public officer cannot be less than those of a private individual

• [5] Furthermore, it has been stated that any enterprise undertaken by the public official who tends to weaken public confidence and undermine the sense of security for individual rights is against public policy. Fraud in its elementary common law sense of deceit-and this is one of the meanings that fraud bears [483 U.S. 372] in the statute. See United States v. Dial, 757 F.2d 163, 168 (7th Cir1985) includes the deliberate concealment of material information in a setting of fiduciary obligation. A public official is a fiduciary toward the public, including, in the case of a judge, the litigants who appear before him and if he deliberately conceals material information from them, he is guilty of fraud. McNally v United States 483 U.S. 350 (1987)

Just when the hell did our public servants assume ownership of the property belonging to the people?

It is time we the people evict all of our public servants from all of our property.  

It is time we close down Washington, DC and dissolve all municipal corporations at the state, county and city levels, created with no delegated authority or consent from the governed!

Further...It is time we the people exercise our rights as the owners of all public property temporarily inhabited by our public servants,  

since they are no longer abiding by their oath to perform the business of the people, the reason their jobs were created, 

and revoke their access to the people's property.


"Within hours, the Supremes bashed back, installing a new set of restrictive “regulations” specifying what can and cannot happen on the high court property including the plaza."




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