Greetings... We are in test mode.  Various different types of content will appear on a random basis.  Some items will repeat multiple times.  This is all normal and part of the process by which we are developing a process to enable you the citizen reporter to actively participate in bring the truth to the subscribers of this new service.

There will be no advertising on this channel.  The basic subscription will be offered at no cost to our subscribers.  Additional subscriptions will be offered at a later date for which there will be a charge.  These subscriptions will provide various types of feature rich content and additional benefits.

Coming soon.  A free, citizen-reporter based subscription service to report real-time news.  Real-time live from all over the globe.  Real news for the people by the people.  For people who thirst for the truth!

What we are:

The Internet-based unvarnished truth in global news 24/7 

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 “We don't tell you what to think...

                                    We tell you what we think.” 

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