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Rent-a-Scope has gone global!

Move your own telescope to Australia

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GRAS is a global network of remotely operated telescope systems. Subscribers connect to any of the available worldwide locations and take their own images. This publicly accessible time rental service is available through any internet connection.  Our systems are so efficient they can easily accommodate dial-up connections.

Take your own astronomical images with our remote telescope systems:

•Takahashi Telescopes

•Paramount Robotic Mounts

•SBIG CCD Cameras

•FLI CCD Cameras

Puts you in command!
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GRAS...for drivers, not passengers!

Global-Rent-a-Scope is one of a group of related activities that are part of a complex network of interacting organizations and services. All of these related services are dedicated to fostering international cooperation and collaboration in the name of research. Global-Rent-a-Scope, the initial startup service, began operations in 2001.