Do you Believe it now?


From: "William M. Windsor" <>

Date: January 21, 2011 6:53:32 AM PST

To: <>

Subject: Windsor - Supreme Court and Judicial Corruption

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Thank you to all of you who have emailed or called following Monday’s shocking Supreme Court decisions to allow federal courts to void the Constitution at will.


I have not been able to respond to any of you individually yet as I am recovering from eye surgery on Monday, and it is hard to read or type with two fingers with a steel cage and patch taped over my eye.  I will respond to each of you individually, but please allow me to give a general response for now.


  1. 1.I am happy to be on all of the radio shows that have invited me.  Just tell me when.  Since it is now painfully obvious that the entire federal court system is corrupt, we have to get the word out.  We desperately need a big-time newspaper writer or TV journalist to take this story and win a Pulitzer Prize with it.  I have an idea for a grass roots effort to educate the masses.  I will share it later.


  1. 1.For those who want copies of the rulings, here they are: “DENIED.”  There was no narrative provided.  This isn’t the case of a refusal to hear an appeal; this is the decision on three separate petitions for writs of mandamus that SCOTUS was required to consider and rule on.  Copies of the so-called rulings can be seen at  Enter Windsor, William and search.  The docket numbers are 10-632, 10-633, and 10-690.  Copies of the petitions are here:


  1. 1.The only hope in the world we have of getting anything done about the corruption is to get everyone working together to fight this.  We need ONE website where we all put all of our information – one rallying point.

  2. 2.Those of you who have asked what you can do.  Send my story to your friends.  Tell your friends, neighbors, relatives, and anyone who will listen that we have a crisis in America, and we have to spread the word so enough people know about it to get something done.

  3. 3.A number of you have contacted me about things that sound a lot like revolution.  As I understand it, anyone calling for the overthrow of the government can be locked up for a long time.  So, I’m not into that.  I’m happy to take time to understand what you have to say, but my approach is probably a lot more “pedestrian” than what some of you seem to be advocating.

  4. 4.I will share the views of all of you who say we don’t have a Constitution, and related views.  Once again, I want to understand what you are saying, but that seems to me to be an argument that won’t get us anywhere.

  5. 5.I am going to fly to Washington, DC as soon as my surgeon will let me as I want to get copies of all docket items in my files at SCOTUS.  I am convinced from communication with Joseph Zernik that there are all kinds of illegal acts taking place in the Clerk’s office there, and the so-called orders of the Supreme Court that are nothing more than short letters are not valid based upon the law.

  6. 6.We are planning a meeting of those interested here in Atlanta.  A number of very interested people have said they will fly in for it.  We tried to have this in December but I became quite ill and then had to have the eye surgery.


As I believe I said in my news release, I am still absolutely shocked that this could happen in America!  It is truly unbelievable to me.




William M. Windsor

Office: 770-578-1094