The ASA Experience


ID: 19446

DATE: 01/06/2010 09:57:18

FROM: Arnie Rosner <>

TO: Walter Hildebrand <>,Arnie Rosner <>, 'Brad Moore \(BAM\)'<>

SUBJECT: G11 - A successful Conclusion


Hi Walter,

Thank you for your follow-up.  I will wait until I have a chance to 

share your ideas with Brad.  It would seem like this is very 


The only area of concern which I simply can not ignore is the 

reconciliation of this unparalleled journey we all shared over the 

last year.  You know Walter,  Both Brad and I were committed to Peter 

to make his purchase from ASA work correctly.  At the time we agreed 

to this challenge none of us had any idea as to the extent of the 


Once again, I think even you would agree that the GRAS team, headed by 

Brad, pulled ASA's butt out of the fire.  But be fair and what cost?  And at what personal cost?

Besides just the money; (the monetary costs we can fairly calculate. 

In fact Peter was billed for the basic expense but as yet has not been 

required to pay this.  But GRAS has paid the bill Walter, there has 

been the ongoing concern about our mutual reputation.  From all 

appearances ASA was already being treated pretty harshly, and by 

affiliation, GRAS was also starting to take a beating.  Never-the-less 

GRAS stood shoulder to shoulder with ASA.

Even when we had plenty of reason to abandon this project, we never 

entertained the thought of giving up and not supporting ASA.  Even 

when it looked pretty dark and discouraging, with all of the lies, 

delays and broken promises, Even when ASA left us hanging out to dry 

on more than one occasion, GRAS stuck beside ASA and together with 

sheer determination GRAS and ASA has made this happen.  Yes, thanks to 

Brad's genius and Darren's support, we are pleased to be in a position 

to prove once again the impossible just took a bit longer.

Putting that aside Walter, in sorting out the rest of the issues that 

remain between us, just please do not dishonor our dedication to ASA 

and our personal relationship by glossing over the fact that the year 

of hosting costs and the billable hours for Brad over this time has 

come out of my pocket. In the short time we have had the opportunity 

to work together you and Egon have earned our trust.  As a result, I 

am convinced both Egon and you are reasonable men and interested in 

being fair.

So in summary, we need to rise to the occasion and deal with this 

issue at the same time we move ahead and move forward as you suggest.  

Meanwhile we are looking forward to hearing about your complete 

solution in the very near future.

If you have any questions please feel free to call on me at any time.


"When success is your only option!"

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