WILLIAM R. THORNTON                              RESUME:      NUTRITION
Post Office Box 17136                            Phone:   (202)239-2217
Irvine, CA  92623                                


Currently recognized as a Certified RBTI Analyst (Nutritional counselor) by Holistic Laboratories, Tampa, Florida.

Certified RBTI Analyst (Nutritional Counselor) by the Bio-Ion Institute, Tampa, Florida. RBTI is the Biological Theory of Ionization, discovered and refined over 50 years by Dr. Carey A. Reams. RBTI objectively guides clinical nutritional support based upon noninvasive urine and saliva test results. 1991

For ten years I was recognized by Standard Process Laboratories, Inc., as an independent nutritional consultant. Steve Tashiro was the company representative. SPL is a division of Vitamin Products Company, City of Commerce, California. 1979-1989

At the Health Restoration Medical Center I worked a year as a Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber operator and as an EKG data collection technician under David Steenblock, D.O. 1984

All my life I have had an interest in nutritional supplementation as it relates to health. After graduating from high school I worked in a health food store in La Jolla. There I learned much about various product lines. 1958

At a health convention in Orange County, California, I volunteered for a couple days as the personal assistant for Dr. Linus Pauling. Though others may not consider that significant, it was one of the high points of my career in health and nutrition to be able spend a few moments personally discussing the state of the art with him.


Occasionally lecture on various subjects. Hosting a talk show.

Knowledgeable about personal computers and related software.

Owned and operated a computer service bureau.

Designed and implemented business systems.

Speak Spanish fluently. TESOL

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