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             At the request of the Ohio Supreme Court Technology Advisory
        Committee, participated in research regarding feasibility of state-
        wide attorney facsimile-filing procedures.  Specifically, my report
        evaluated U.C.C. evidentiary admissibility of fax copies in lieu of
        original documents and signatures.  Rules were adopted in 1991.

             As Special Master in the San Mateo County Superior Court,
        Redwood City, California, presided over a preliminary habeas-corpus
        hearing concerning an interstate criminal extradition matter.
        Ordered Municipal Court to release jurisdiction to the Superior

             Served as Chief Legal Strategist for a city political party's
        successful defense in a highly publicized legal attack by the State
        of Maine's Office of the Attorney General.  Concurrently served in
        the same capacity at the county level with the same successful
        result.  Chairpersons of both political entities commended legal and
        political insight and key role in their rescue.

             As legal consultant, successfully guided defense against
        criminal election charges initiated by entrenched city
        administration.  Committee chairperson said I was most valuable
        member of the team.

             Manager, Legal Department, A.P.I., Everett, Washington.  The
        company offered an international asset protection and debt
        elimination program with a $500,000,000 portfolio.  Successfully
        weathered intensive multi-agency government audit by anticipating
        legal requirements.  Federal and state investigators said they were
        impressed with my accomplishments.

                                 BUSINESS EXPERIENCE

             Knowledgeable about personal computers, networks, and related
        software.  Data processing expertise acknowledged by various national
        organizations such as ACM, DPMA, IBM, and Learning Tree International.

             Provided fifty clients with highly responsive, personalized
        computer services.  Owned and operated a computer service bureau.
        Major clients included Kaiser Hospitals, Kentucky Fried Chicken,
        Whittaker Corporation, Retail Merchants Credit Association, and
        Sizzler Steak Houses.

             Specified accounting concepts and procedures for Mount Saint
        Mary's College, Los Angeles.  Implementation by Coopers and Lybrand.

             Occasionally lecture on accounting, law, computers, and
        electronics.  Speak Spanish fluently.  TESOL.  Comfortable with 
        Latin-American sub-cultures on all levels.