Post Office Box 17136
Irvine, CA  92623                      Phone:        (202)239-2217 
Certified Computing Professional       E-mail:           x@1215.org
Management/Systems/Programming         URL:          www.1215.org/x


     Designed, programmed, operated, and maintained high-quality
computer accounts receivable service serving small businesses.
Customer count doubled over 10-year period (without advertising)
because of satisfied customers' referrals.

     Designed, programmed, and installed budget system for U.S.
Life Savings.  Customer paid 60% bonus for bug-free early
completion.  System worked so well that it was used 10 years
instead of the planned 3 to 5 years.  System lifetime
maintenance cost was only 20% of projected total (normal is 80%).

     In two months designed, programmed, and installed hybrid
multi-state and federal income tax processing system for Master
Tax Counselors.  Processed 20,000 tax returns during next four

     Conceptualized, designed and specified automated accounting
system for Mount Saint Mary's College (this would normally be
done by a CPA).  Implementation by CPA's of Coopers and Lybrand.

     As project manager pioneered on-line 5,000,000-name data
base for second largest credit reporting bureau in the U.S.,
Retail Merchants Credit Association (forerunner of TRW Credit

     Maximum span of control:  12.

                       GENERAL BACKGROUND

     Proposals (business and research projects)
     Software evaluation (make/buy choices)
     System design (matched to corporate culture)
     Conversions from manual or old system to radical new upgrade
     Programming (COBOL, dBASE, PASCAL, BASIC, Assembler)
     Installation (hardware/software assembly and placement)
     Network administration, access security (Novell)
     Documentation (system, user, and tutorial)
     Customer Training (group and individual)
     Seminar presentation

     Business Applications:  MIS, G/L, inventory, bill of
material, production control, receivables, payables, point of
sale/order entry, purchasing, payroll, sales, time/cost
accounting, budgets, PERT/CPM.  Computer system conversions
involving incompatible hardware systems (e.g. 407 to 1401, 1401
to 301, 305 to 530, 360 to 990).

     Non-business Applications:  predictive statistics, global
mapping, engineering, cad/cam, electronic publishing, LAN (Novell
and Lantastic local area networks).

     Teaching (private schools):  Business Research Engineering,
Automation Institute of America (later called Control Data
Institute), International Tabulating Institute, Associated 
Technical College.

     Certified Computing Professional since 1962 for Management,
Procedural Programming, Business Programming.  Certifying authority:
Institute for Certification of Computing Professionals (ICCP).

     Certificate of Achievement, California State University, 
Long Beach, May 2000.  Multi-Systems Administration Specialist;
Recognition for accomplishment in the field of Internet, local area
network, and wide area network administration.

     Guest lecturer in re Computers, Accounting, Electronics, and

     Electronics background includes digital computer design, OEM
interface design, diagnostic programming.

     Major customers:  Kaiser Hospitals, Whittaker Corporation,
Sizzler Restaurants, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Union Bank, and
H.I. Thompson Co.

     Military service completed; Highest clearance held:  secret

     Speak Spanish fluently.  TESOL.


     I have an inquiring mind similar to that of an investigative
reporter.  Because of that, over the years I have acquired a broad
array of skills useful in the business environment.  These skills
include management, accounting, business systems, computer networks,
law, and electronics.  I have a meticulous, careful working style.


3-07 to 7-07   UNIVERSAL CAREER COLLEGE, Santa Ana, Calif. 
               President, Chairman of the Board
               A special assignment to resolve tax and legal problems 
               with IRS and California monitoring agencies.  Control 
               thereafter returned to prior staff.

6-06 to 4-07   NATURAL MARBLE & GRANITE, INC., Anaheim, California
               President & Chairman of the Board
               A special assignment to resolve tax and legal problems 
               with IRS and California monitoring agencies.  Control 
               thereafter returned to prior staff. 

7-01 to date   MISSING CHILDREN INTERNATIONAL, INC., Santa Ana, Calif.  
               Senior Vice President
               Secured legal status of non-profit organization;
               Upgraded LAN to peer to peer, Win 98
               Designed collateral materials for corporate image.
               Setup web site.

1-00 to 12-07  RETURN TO WORK, INC. Boulder, Colo. 
               Member of Executive Committee (Board of Directors)
               Chairman of Standards Review Committee
               Provide legal and business guidance
               Determine corporate data processing standards

9-66 to date   CORPORATE DATA PROCESSING, Irvine, Calif.
               Provide PC-based training, business systems,
               programming, and Internet support to customers. 

               Platforms include DOS, Windows 7, 2000, NT,
               Application skills include HTML web page, GIF 
               animation, CorelDRAW!, WordPerfect, MS Office 
               (Excel, Word, Access), BASIC, COBOL, Assembler, 
               Internet web site setup and maintenance. 

               20 years as computer service bureau manager/owner.
               Provided broad spectrum of services:  business
               systems design, computer programming, processing
               services, data entry.  Sold operations portion;
               currently provide ongoing tech support to buyer.

9-65 to 9-66   RADIO CORPORATION OF AMERICA, Los Angeles, Calif.
               Systems Representative/Project Manager.
7-64 to 8-65   U.S. Army.  Honorable discharge.

12-62 to 7-64  INDUSTRY CONSULTANT.  Los Angeles, Calif.
               Primary customers were prior employers.

4-62 TO 12-62  PACIFIC SEMICONDUCTORS, INC., Lawndale, Calif.
               Systems Analyst.  Payroll and inventory.

1-62 to 4-62   TABULATING CONSULTANTS, INC., Los Angeles, Calif.
               Programmer, business applications.


          CorelDRAW, MasterCam, Ventura, WordPerfect,
          WordStar, PERT, CPM, MS Office 97 (Access, Excel, Word)
     IBM 360/370/390 OS/MVT/MVS, DOS, COS, TOS, EU30, COBOL,
     IBM other:  305; 407; 519; 557; 650 SOAP; 1130;
          1401/1410/7010/1440/1460 Accelerator, Autocoder macro,
          SPS, COBOL; 1620, 7090 FORTRAN; PERT/CPM
     RCA 301, 3301, Spectra 70, Assembler, COBOL, PERT/CPM
     TI 990, COBOL, JCL
     TRW 530, LOGRAM

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